Event Organizers

Offer a unique visual satisfaction to your guests and enhance your brand identity in a most original and attractive way through Ice Sculptures. You will surely visually satisfy your event and hotel guests by these wonderful…

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Decorate your restaurant with ice sculptures and add class and elegance!  You will most certainly amaze your customers.  Offer your clients a unique and original atmosphere by creating effortlessly, easily and inexpensively professional ice sculptures by…

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Make your clients’ event experience memorable and offer their guests the unique visual experience created by Ice Sculptures. Ice sculptures are an elegant and decorative addition to any party or event…

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Ice Molds

Ice Gallery is located in Athens, Greece and specializes exclusively in the field of ice sculptures. We design, develop and manufacture our own high quality Ice Sculpture Molds.

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The Ice Sculpture Molds produced by Ice Gallery are high quality ice sculptures molds, reusable for many years, in 200 designs. Custom ice sculpture molds are also available according to the client’s needs.

The Ice Sculpture Molds consist of two parts. One part is the rubber latex mold with the design of the mold and the other part is the fiberglass casing that protects the form and pattern of the rubber mold during the freezing process. Each rubber mold has its own fiberglass case, bolts, and nuts.

For the production of impressive ice sculptures with the Ice Sculpture Molds you will need the following:
1.  Ice Sculpture Molds
2. A deep freezer at minus 20 degrees Celsius or 4 degrees Fahrenheit
3. Plain Tap Water

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